History of Made in Akron

From 2009-2010, Made in Akron was a retail boutique in Highland Square that celebrated small businesses and local artists.

Sadly, the economic problems of the day limited our opportunities and we closed the store in the fall of 2010.

Made in Akron re-launched in late 2023 with a renewed energy & commitment to help local small businesses, musicians, artists and non-profits (aka our "Owners") succeed.

Our Mission

Our Owners have a personal interest in the well-being of Akron, and serve as an engine for economic vitality and cultural identity.

Made in Akron's Mission is to help our Owners R.O.C.K.:

(R)each new Customers

(O)ffer their stories

(C)onnect with other local Owners

(K)eep building their business

Our Company

Since 2020, our sister company Interswag has been designing, printing and globally shipping alumni merchandise for international schools in Singapore, France and Japan.

Made in Akron operates under the same exacting standards.

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