All the products in our gift boxes are not only made in Akron, but 93% of every dollar spent on these boxes will stay in the Akron area. That helps the whole Akron community, and we Thank You ! 


    Akron has so much to offer! Our gift boxes are carefully curated by local experts, so there’s a good chance you, your employees or a favorite client will discover something new Made in Akron.


    Every city has a unique soul and Akron is no different. Whether you’re gifting to local offices or across the globe, sharing your favorite things about Akron bridges cultural divides.

Need just one Akron gift box, or maybe a few? We got you.

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The Benefits of Giving Gifts to Employees

The success of your prospects and clients stem from the employees in your organization.

By focusing on what motivates them, what they’re working towards, both professionally and personally, you’ll notice your employees happiness reflected in their work.

Take care of your employees first, and your clients will see the benefits.