We're Building a Community of Owners Making It In Akron

Hey Owners, Welcome !

We define "Owners" as anyone who owns an Akron-area business (from a one-person side-hustle to a small business with employees), is a local musician / artist, or who manages a non-profit that helps people in Akron.

Sign up below for free Owners Access to our website and learn about what we're building, how your products and services can be offered on the MIA Marketplace and in our gift boxes, and how you can start connecting with other local Owners through Made in Akron.

Is there a fee to join Made in Akron?

Not to obtain Owners Access. Purchasing an Owners Membership provides access to our Owners Portal.

What is the Owners Portal?

It's our secure platform for Owners to manage their account, profile, products, pricing, inventory and reporting. It's free as part of an Owners Membership.

What is Free Owners Access?

It's the Owners equivalent of a free Customer account; it allows us to distinguish between Owners & Customers.

What does Owners Access provide?

It provides information about what's available for Owners that purchase an Owners Membership.

From the MIA Marketplace, Akron in a Box™, Custom Boxes and Build Your Own Akron Box programs, to mentorship, networking, business coaching, professional services, events and more - if you define yourself as an 'Owner' and want to grow your business, purchasing an Owners Membership is in your interest.

What is Owners Membership?

It's how Owners subscribe to Made in Akron to sell their products and services.

For a monthly fee less than a super-sized fast food combo meal, Owners can offer their products and services on the MIA Marketplace and participate in our gift box programs.

What is Akron in a Box™?

Our goal is to promote small (and very small) Akron businesses, local musicians and artists, as well as non-profit groups to both residents and visitors to Akron, helping Owners build brand awareness.

With our physical marketing, using postcards and boxes, Owners can share their story and business in a tangible way - something that online marketing just can't provide.

Our locally based Owners sponsor each box, helping Akron residents and visitors discover and connect with them in-store & online.

Where is Akron in a Box™ sold?

We're in discussion with hotels, restaurants, gift shops (including airport & hospital gift shops) and retailers in the Akron area to sell Akron in a Box™. Once we're operational, we anticipate Akron in a Box™ will be sold at 15+ locations across Summit County and online at MadeinAkron.com

Can I offer my products on Made in Akron?

Of course! As long as your products and promotions are legal and appropriate for Made in Akron customers and guests, we'd be psyched to have you. Just purchase an Owners Membership and we'll get you onboard.

What can Non-Profits offer on Made in Akron?

Non-Profits have SO MANY REASONS to be on the MIA Marketplace. From membership sales to branded swag and everything in-between, join us and let Made in Akron help promote your organization.

How can my store / restaurant / retail store / gift shop offer Akron in a Box™?

We're excited that you're interested. Please send an email to info@madeinakron.com and we'll be in touch asap.

What are you doing to give back to the planet since your focus is on postcards and cardboard boxes?

Great question! Our plan is to plant a tree for every box we sell, and we're starting to work with Trees for the Future to help us meet this goal. Stay tuned for more ways that Made in Akron is trying to be good environmental stewards.

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